Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is a solution for many common and debilitating symptoms often disregarded by other providers. These symptoms can include but are not limited to:

exhaustion, stress, foggy thinking, weight gain, sleep disturbances, and so much more.

People with symptoms like these are most likely suffering from a hormonal imbalance.  The idea is to treat the root cause of these symptoms and not to prescribe another “band aid” and only achieve temporary relief. The ultimate goal is to get the patient back to a state of hormone balance. BHRT is a simple method for correcting these complex issues through effective hormone balance therapy.

Hormone optimization therapy begins to work within seven to 10 days of your pellet insertion. After insertion, a consistent dose of bio-identical hormones enters the bloodstream and will begin to balance hormones. Every dose is custom to the patient’s unique physiology and will work toward creating a state of hormone balance within the body.

We understand that one patient can make a difference, which is why we tailor every hormone optimization treatment, ensuring each of our patients has the greatest chance of success in achieving hormone balance.

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