If you are experiencing symptoms of hormonal imbalance like stress, weight gain, exhaustion, sleep disturbances, and more, we can help. Several treatments available on the market today do not address the root cause of hormonal imbalance and instead try to only address specific symptoms. Why only address some of your symptoms when you can optimize your hormones and address all of your symptoms? It all starts with a simple blood draw to begin with Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy in North Carolina.

Simple Yet Effective Treatment

Our body’s endocrine system is in charge of producing and disseminating hormones into our system. Achieving hormonal optimization is done by effectively adjusting the hormone levels in your bloodstream with bio-identical hormone pellets (each about the size of a grain of rice). The pellets we use contain bio-identical (not synthetic) hormones, which are identical to the naturally occurring hormones in your body; therefore, the risk of any extra and unwanted side effects is greatly minimized. We make sure each pellet insertion is based around your body’s specific needs and every person has an individualized dose and combination of hormones. No invasive surgery is required, as the pellet can be easily inserted in our office during our stress-free procedure lasting anywhere from 5-15 minutes. The pellet will slowly release the appropriate level of hormones into your bloodstream over the next 3-6 months.

Individualized Plan for You

Each patient’s body is unique, which makes having individualized patient plans extremely important for our bioidentical hormone NC replacement therapy. We use a combination of your blood results, your health assessment symptoms, and your medical history to focus on identifying your specified dosage. By tailoring treatment to your individualized needs, we can optimize your hormones for the most effective results.

Get Started with Your Biote Therapy

Getting started with your bio identical therapy is as easy as contacting our office today. Our staff will get you scheduled for a blood draw and will contact you once your results come back to schedule your hormone evaluation and pellet insertion. Call today and see how CWC Cosmetic Surgery can help you optimize your hormones today!