You will not find a more popular cosmetic treatment currently available than laser hair removal. This popular treatment has been available for years, helping patients get rid of pesky hair in unwanted areas. Millions of procedures have been completed with success across the country, with most of those not experiencing any safety concerns. However, like other cosmetic treatments, laser hair removal can be prone to safety risks if the necessary precautions are not taken. Here is what you need to know about hair removal safety:

Mild Swelling

Laser hair removal works by using highly concentrated light energy to destroy hair follicles and prevent hair growth. With the hair follicles being targeted, they can be prone to mild swelling following the treatment. The swelling should subside and not represent a major safety concern.

Redness of the Skin

Our skin can also be prone to redness following laser hair removal. This can be exacerbated during longer treatments where the skin is exposed to additional light energy. Similar to swelling, skin redness should only be temporary following the procedure and fade in time.

Blistering and Scarring

Our skin texture can receive blistering and scarring along more sensitive areas of our skin. This temporary irritation will also fade in a short time, with the exception of scarring. Make sure to ask your cosmetic physician if laser hair removal can lead to any potential scarring when sensitive areas are treated.

Pigmentation Changes

Our skin can be prone to pigmentation changes following longer period of exposure to the light energy used for laser hair removal. This is especially true for individuals with a darker skin tone. Pigmentation changes are also only temporary, and the skin should return to its normal coloration shortly after the treatment. Less intense lasers should be used for individuals with darker skin tones to avoid any potential damage done to the top layer of the skin.

Choosing CWC Cosmetic Surgery for Safe Hair Removal

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