Ensuring our patients safety and comfort is a top priority for us at CWC Cosmetic Surgery. We understand that many cosmetic surgery procedures can be painful if the right precautions are not taken in advance. That is where TriContour comes in, our remarkable process that helps you feel comfortable throughout your cosmetic treatment. TriContour is the process where we reduce the pain, bruising, and downtime that is typically experienced during recovery. TriContour is used during our Smart Lipo treatment that makes traditional liposuction a treatment of the past. Here is how your safety is prioritized with TriContour:

Comfort Guaranteed

With TriContour, we only use small incisions that can easily be covered up after your Smart Lipo procedure. Tumescent anesthesia is used in the treatment areas to ensure your maximum comfort throughout the procedure.

Laser Technology of TriCounter

After the anesthesia is infused into the treatment areas, our Smart Lipo Triplex laser will “melt” the fat tissue, allowing for easier removal. The wavelengths produced by the laser also stimulates collagen production, allowing your skin to become tighter over time.

Fat Removal

The final step of our TriContour process is gently aspirating the fatty tissue out of the body, removing it permanently. You will be in blissful comfort as our technicians softly engages in your treatment area.

Your Safety Is Our Number One Priority

These three simple steps in our TriContour process ensure our patients’ safety is our top priority during specific cosmetic surgery procedures we offer. In fact, we are only one of two offices in the state of North Carolina who utilize TriContour. This is due to the pinpoint accuracy and focus needed for a successful treatment. We are proud to offer this safe and efficient process to you during your next Smart Lipo procedure.

Getting Treatment with CWC Cosmetic Surgery

If you are looking for a safe and efficient treatment to reduce the amount of fat tissue in your body, look no further than Smart Lipo with TriContour at CWC Cosmetic Surgery. Our knowledgeable staff has treated numerous patients who fly in from all over the country to seek our help. Our TriContour process will help you achieve the look you have always wanted with minimal risks. Contact our office today to receive your free consultation on how TriContour can help you look and feel your best.