Liposuction requires an emotional, financial, and time investment to get the slimmer and trimmer curves you have always wanted. These investments are important to protect to make lipo in Wilmington, NC cosmetic surgery worthwhile. There are key steps to take following your procedure before you start to see the final results. Here is what you should do following your operation.

Follow Your Surgeon’s Instructions Following Lipo

Always make sure you follow your cosmetic surgeon’s instructions on how to enjoy a smooth recovery after any lipo surgery; this includes going to all of your follow-up appointments. One of these instructions will be to wear compression garments for a specified length of time. While these garments may not be the most comfortable to wear, they are critical to maintaining a proper recovery time. The fat cells must remodel during the recovery period to reattach to your body.

Compression garments can help prevent sagging skin if worn properly and are typically recommended for the first 10 days following your procedure. Wearing compression garments can make the difference between wrinkles and uneven skin versus smooth, contoured skin. Swelling is another side effect of lipo and can be maintained with compression garments. By wearing compression garments, you can help the skin contain swelling as it contours to its new shape even around the arms.

Maintaining a Healthy Diet

Lipo surgery can help remove fat tissue and contour your body, but it cannot maintain the appearance if you do not treat your body right. Make sure to maintain a healthy diet which includes:

  • Eating a healthy breakfast every morning
  • Eating fresh produce while avoiding refined carbs
  • Adding “super foods” like green vegetables into your diet that will add fiber and antioxidants
  • Choosing lean proteins instead of red meat like chicken, turkey, and fish

Time for Exercise

Exercise is another critical step to help maintain your lipo results and should be maintained in a regular routine. Workouts such as cardio, weightlifting, swimming, yoga, and other outdoor activities can help you stay in shape. Make sure to switch the routine up if you get bored with a particular workout. Working out at least 20-30 minutes a day can help boost your metabolism and maintain those liposuction results.

Find a Friend

Hold yourself accountable by finding a friend or partner to help keep track of your diet and exercise. It can be difficult to go at it alone, so find the help to make it easier on yourself.

Every Change Counts

Even the smallest changes can be a step towards maintaining your weight after lipo surgery. By starting an exercise and diet regime before your procedure, you can make it easier to see the results you have wanted and heal faster. Contact our office to schedule your consultation today and make the most of your liposuction procedure.