Successful Liposuction for the Military Tape Test

Available for Jacksonville, Havelock, Camp Lejeune, and surrounding areas.

We have been very fortunate to treat so many men and women that serve our country from all branches of the military. The feedback that we have received from those men and women is one of the most rewarding parts about what we do at CWC Cosmetic Surgery. It continues to be an enlightening experience to hear the trials and tribulations of our service men and women who have had struggles, not only with protecting our country, but the stress that is associated with passing the military tape test. Our service men and women are subjected to a “tape test” to measure their level of body fat content.

Because of this test, we have learned that many of our service men and women subject themselves to drastic measures to reduce the size of their waist, which is necessary for their career path, advancement, and retention. We are proud to offer a solution for this issue.

So many of our cosmetic surgery Wilmington, NC patients have tried a variety of methods with less than desirable results. We realize there are several options available for waist reduction surgery. It can become confusing and difficult to decide which method to choose, especially with the surgery cost. These methods span from noninvasive, temporary options to traditional liposuction. We had one young man state, “Doctor, I need a “one and done” solution.” That is an option we provide, which can result in as much as six inches in waist reduction.

CWC Cosmetic Surgery provides a solution to reduce the size of the waist with laser-assisted liposuction. Our board-certified best cosmetic surgeons in NC utilize this revolutionary liposuction waist reduction technique to provide proven results for fat reduction and skin tightening. Our procedure, known as Advanced Liposculpture, is a safe way to successfully achieve results without the use of general anesthesia or a prolonged recovery process. The procedure is performed in the office and there is minimal downtime, thus allowing a quick return to work and duties, all at a great waist reduction surgery price.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about this liposuction waist reduction technique and our liposuction costs, contact us or give us a call at 910-239-5905.


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