Smartlipo™ Leg Liposuction

The inner and outer thighs are of particular concern for many of our patients, so many seek our help to give them smoother legs and greater comfort in their clothes and greater confidence at the beach. Smart Lipo leg liposuction can smooth out bulges on the legs and create a shapely, attractive appearance. The FDA approved SmartLipo Triplex procedure can help you reduce the fat tissue in your legs while improving the appearance of your skin. Here is how it works:

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The Latest Advancements for Leg Liposuction

With SmartLipo Triplex, we are using a state-of-the-art liposuction technique that is less invasive on the body and provides incredible results. For years, traditional leg liposuction was the treatment of choice around the legs. This procedure utilizes significant incisions on the treated areas, resulting in patients experiencing severe pain and recovery. Smart Lipo Triplex is a leading advancement in fat reduction that uses greater surgical precision for a faster recovery time.

Your Smart Lipo Triplex Procedure for Your NC Fat Loss Process

SmartLipo Triplex laser lipolysis utilizes cutting edge laser fat reduction technology that melts the fat tissue in your legs. At the same time, a separate laser wavelength stimulates the collagen production around the treated area for reduce skin laxity. This allows your skin to look and feel tighter around your legs. The final step involves removing the melted fat tissue via a small cannula inserted into a minimal incision. Dr. Mohamed and his team makes sure each patient is comfortable with the use of local anesthesia for their NC laser fat loss. This combination of laser wavelengths allows us to remove fat tissue and better shape your legs in one procedure.

Minimal Downtime

While traditional liposuction requires a lengthy recovery time due to the significant incisions made, SmartLipo in Wilmington allows patients a faster recovery time. You can be back to your everyday activities in as little as a day or two. Physical exercises can also be resumed in as little as two weeks following your procedure. You cannot find this minimal of a recovery time and incredible results with any other procedure.

Thermaguide Safety Features

Our liposuction waist reduction patients will be monitored with the Thermaguide temperature monitoring device during each Smart Lipo leg liposuction. This allows our patients to remain safe and prevent any potential burns from the laser technology. You will be worry free as Dr. Mohamed takes every precaution during your SmartLipo Triplex procedure.

Smartlipo Triplex ™ may be the solution for those concerned about the size of their thighs and hips, and who have experienced the associated discomfort from rubbing in the inner thighs and those who want to be free of the appearance of “saddle bags.”

We want to help you feel good about your body and comfortable in your own skin. Sculpting these areas with Smartlipo Triplex™ is preferred in these more complex areas where skin laxity may be an issue. The ideal candidate for SmartLipo Triplex includes women who have tried to lose the fat around their legs with standard dieting and exercise. Targeting the fat in these areas can be extremely difficult without any extra help. Your no obligation consultation with Dr. Mohamed will help determination if you are the perfect candidate for this incredible procedure.

Please consider a free consultation with Dr. Mohamed to learn about NC laser fat loss with Smartlipo and what options are available to achieve the legs, arms, and body you’ve always wanted. Your legs will look their best with the incredible results from SmartLipo Triplex.


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