Liposuction is a highly popular treatment option that can help you contour your body and start looking your best. New techniques continue to be perfected each year, with SmartLipo being one of the most recent to be used. SmartLipo is a liposuction technique that is able to provide you with immediate results with little downtime. Here are the top five reasons why you should get smart liposuction:

Done from Our Own Office

You will not need to worry about incurring any hospital cost with the smart lipo surgery, as we can perform the treatment right in our very own office. No hidden fees for check ins will accompany your procedure, so you can get the results you want and save some money as well.

Minimal Incisions

Unlike older liposuction techniques that required significant surgical incisions, SmartLipo typically only requires small incisions that can quickly heal. This incredible technique uses laser technology to “melt” the fat tissue, making it easy to remove it from the body through aspiration techniques.

Local Anesthesia Only

Unlike other liposuction treatments, the smart liposuction procedure only requires local anesthesia so you can remain calm and comfortable throughout your procedure. With local anesthesia you will be back on your feet in no time and not have to worry about unnecessary risks.

Return to Your Every Day Schedule

Since only local anesthesia is used, you can return to most activities right after the procedure. Most patients can even return to work within 48-72 hours, so you do not have to worry about requesting a large amount of time off from work.

Immediate Contouring Results

Best of all, the smart lipo surgery will give you immediate results that you can instantly see. Other treatments cannot say the same thing and require months before any real change can be noticed on the body. While individual results will always vary, you can start to see the changes you have always wanted.

Smart Liposuction with CWC Cosmetic Surgery

For the best in smart liposuction and other cosmetic procedures, make sure you choose CWC Cosmetic Surgery. Our highly dedicated staff, led by Dr. Fazil Mohamed, continues to transform the lives of individuals just like you every day with a variety of cosmetic techniques. Contact us today for your free consultation and see why CWC Cosmetic Surgery leads North Carolina cosmetic surgery in personalized care.