CWC Cosmetic Surgery provides a vast range of both surgical and non-surgical solutions to treat many different feminine issues and to augment the appearance of the vagina. It is possible to restore feminine tightness through the use of minimally invasive Thermiva treatment procedures, restoring confidence during sexual intercourse. Our procedures can treat a variety of medical issues and they can also improve sexual sensation for both partners during intercourse. Having performed thousands of pelvic and feminine procedures, Dr. Mohamed is one of the best cosmetic surgeons in NC and has the expertise to treat:

– Feminine laxity
– Feminine atrophy (dryness)
– Stress incontinence (leaking urine when laughing or sneezing)
– Correct stretched/torn pelvic muscles

The Thermiva Options That We Offer Are:

– Laser Labiaplasty – Large or excess labia skin can cause discomfort due to chafing, especially during exercise. Laser Labiaplasty is able to alter the shape and size of your labia to restore comfort and increase confidence in women of all ages.

– Designer Laser Vaginoplasty – One of our most popular procedure options is not just one but a multitude of aesthetic vulvar procedures that can be completed in house. Designer Laser Vaginoplasty combines several procedures including: Laser Labiaplasty, Laser Female Rejuvenation and more. Designer Laser Vaginoplasty lets you combine your labiaplasty and female rejuvenation with additional treatments all during one session.

– Laser Female Rejuvenation – Improve feminine laxity and help restore muscle tone with this incredible procedure. Results can also help restore bladder control in addition to enhancing your sexual performance. Feminine laxity can be caused from pregnancy, childbirth, and even heavy lifting.

– Anterior Wall Vaginoplasty – Our vaginoplasty procedures can help you tighten the feminine wall. The anterior wall is located just below your bladder and is critical in supporting the organs located above it. Laser technology will tighten the anterior feminine wall, leading to greater support and increased stimulation during intercourse.

– Posterior Wall Vaginoplasty – Treat just the posterior wall in your vagina with this incredible procedure. Strengthen the posterior wall and help push your rectum back into its proper location.

– Anterior/Posterior Wall Vaginoplasty – While the anterior wall supports organs and plays a role in sexual intercourse, it is not as important as the posterior wall. This area can start to sag when the rectum is out of position and pushing back into it. Vaginoplasty will push the rectum back into its normal position and strengthen the support tissue on the posterior wall of the vagina. This procedure can target both the anterior and posterior walls together.

– Extension Perineoplasty – Another great procedure to treat your feminine laxity includes Extension Perineoplasty. This procedure can tighten the muscles in your labia majora, causing it to appear more youthful. Extension Perinoplasty can also be combined with Laser Rejuvenation to treat inward and outward feminine laxity.

– Clitoral Hood Reduction – Excess folds in your clitoral hood can be reduced with a procedure known as Clitoral Hood Reduction. This allows excess bulges to be removed and improves the appearance of your genitalia.

– Laser Hymenoplasty – This procedure allows our technicians to reconstruct your hymen back to a pre-sexual state. The hymen often tears during the first intercourse experience.

– Laser Perineoplasty – Improve the perineum, the area between your rectum and vagina, with this laser procedure. Laser Perineoplasty is able to enhance your labia majora and labia minora and reduce the appearance of sagging.

– Laser Reduction Labiaplasty – Reduce the appearance of protruding or large labia minora with this laser procedure. Results provide a more youthful look to your labia minora and treat uneven and unappealing looks.

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