The TriContour™ Technique

TriContour™ is a remarkable process that reduces the pain, downtime, and bruising often experienced with other cosmetic surgery procedures, like traditional liposuction. Using technological alternatives to traditional liposuction, this process produces astonishing, natural-looking results. Learn more about Smart Lipo in Wilmington NC below!

TriContour™ Process:

Step 1: Ensuring Comfort

Small incisions are made in areas that will later be hidden by a bikini. Numbing solution (tumescent anesthesia) is infused into the areas of unwanted fat. This is allowed to set for a few minutes to ensure maximal comfort.

Procedure (6)


Step 2: Fat Melting

The Smartlipo Triplex™ laser is used to melt away fat in the area. A special blend of wavelengths allows for gentle reduction of the fat and also stimulates collagen production which over time tightens the skin.

Procedure (5)


Step 3: Fat Reduction

The melted fat is reduced using gentle aspiration to massage the fat away from the body.

CWC Cosmetic Surgery is one of the only two centers in the state to exclusively offer this advanced Laser Lipolysis technique.

TriContour cosmetic surgery procedures require absolute surgical accuracy and focus on these critical details to give the kind of results you see in the Before and After Gallery.

If you would like to schedule your appointment or simply want to learn more about Smart Lipo in Wilmington NC, please contact CWC Cosmetic Surgery today for your risk-free consultation.


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