No matter where you look, there is a “natural” or “home” remedy that can cure any kind of cosmetic issue. If these natural treatments worked in the scale that they are advertised, there would be no need for our office. Cellulite treatments are a common service we provide here in North Carolina, and like other treatments, you can easily find a variety of natural treatments online that “work every time.” Let us take a look some of the proposed best anti cellulite treatment that some say work, but do they? Let’s find out.

Detox Treatments

The first natural treatment that is popular around the nation is detox diets. The creators of this treatment believe that cellulite is fat tissue that is bombarded with toxins and a detox will flush your system clean. There is a little more to cellulite than just a build-up of toxins; cellulite is a form of subcutaneous fat and fibrous tissue that is more common in women. Unfortunately, detoxing will not remove cellulite from your body, so this wouldn’t be the best cellulite treatment.

Dry Brushing

Another natural cellulite cure that has gained recognition is dry brushing with coconut oil. Dry brushing is believed to break down the material cellulite is composed of, often with toxins listed as a primary factor. Similar to a detoxing, dry brushing your skin with coconut oil can help you moisturize dry skin, but it will not break down cellulite. As mentioned, cellulite is subcutaneous fat and fibrous tissue in the body so dry brushing the skin will not be able to directly break it down.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Other Supposed Best Anti Cellulite Treatments

Apple cider vinegar is a popular concoction that has gained traction in the health industry as a drink. There can be many benefits to drinking ACV, but getting rid of cellulite is not one of them. Natural treatments with ACV involve rubbing it on your skin. Similar to the other natural treatments above, this does not directly impact the cellulite in your body.

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Getting Treatment with CWC Cosmetic Surgery

If you are looking for cellulite treatment, make sure you seek treatment with CWC Cosmetic Surgery. Our knowledgeable staff has treated numerous patients who fly in from all over the country to seek our help. Our Cellulaze treatment will help you achieve the look you have always wanted with minimal risks. Contact our office today to receive your free consultation on how Cellulaze can help you.


Are there any bogus cellulite cures?

Answer: Unfortunately, there are many “natural” cures that don’t work for cellulite removal. Specialized cellulite garments, for example, tout that they get rid of the unsightly blemishes for good. They only bring temporary relief for circulation but do nothing to help with the look of the skin.