Being fully prepared for your liposuction surgery should not be underestimated. All potential patients should be aware of what liposuction entails, how much the procedure will cost, and the kind of results you should expect.

What You Should Ask About Liposuction Cost

Like other cosmetic surgeries, the cost of the procedure is dependent upon a few factors, including the area being treated and the type of liposuction in Wilmington NC you have chosen. It is important to discuss any important details such as these with your physician ahead of time so you are not blindsided by liposuction’s cost. Each patient at CWC Cosmetic Surgery can schedule a consultation with a surgeon in Wilmington NC of our team prior to any procedure so you can discuss any questions or concerns. Here are some important questions that you should ask during such a consultation:

  • What areas will be treated during my liposuction procedure?
  • What kind of liposuction technique will be used during my procedure and why?
  • Where will my procedure take place?
  • How many days should I expect to be hospitalized following my procedure?
  • Should I expect any kind of hospital bills or medical expenses following my procedure?
  • Can my liposuction procedure be performed in an office-based setting to reduce any costs?
  • Should I purchase any compression garments or medication prior to the operation?

After your consultation with one of our technicians, you should get a clear idea of what to expect from your liposuction procedure. It is always a great idea to have an idea of the general liposuction cost before the operation, including any possible travel expenses if your procedure cannot be done locally or if a surgeon from another city has to come to you. It is always recommended to ask your surgeon how treatment areas are being counted for the overall costs that can increase if they count areas separately.

Contact Us for Your Consultation

These questions are greatly important to our staff and want to make sure you feel comfortable prior to your liposuction Wilmington cosmetic surgery. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation and start asking the right questions. Our highly trained staff is standing by ready to prepare you for this significant operation. CWC Cosmetic Surgery can walk you through every step of the process with professionalism and care.